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Executive Director

Britney, the daughter of Donovan and Marguerite, currently works as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for Genentech-Roche in Southern California. Considered as a true "Corporate Athlete" her colleagues describe her as being strong at inspiring and influencing others, and achieving results. She first started in SCP as a tutor at the age of 11 to the younger children and her mission was to one day lead the organization.


From 2007-2011 Britney was a combo guard for the University of Colorado. She was described by the Buff's coaching staff as gritty, a fighter and a natural floor-leader. This is not surprising considering her basketball skills and mental endurance were honed over years of training with her father, Donovan Blythe.


Britney is far more than a former D-I college athlete. She is a mentor to many high school and youth student-athletes and passionately stresses the importance of education and having a growth mindset. Britney was an honor roll student at Colorado, majoring in International Affairs, and has an MBA in International Business. 

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