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A native Jamaican and 1st generation US citizen, Donovan has been committed to giving back to underprivileged youth for over 32 years.

Born and raised for majority of his childhood in Montego Bay, Jamaica he had limited access to  education opportunities and resources. Donovan is in tune with his Jamaican roots and the struggle of trying to become your ' best-self ' in a 3rd world country despite feeling like all odds are against you.

He delights in sharing his life lessons, love of basketball and drive for striving for higher education with youth from all over the world.

A self-taught basketball player, he's gritty and fearless when it comes to facing life's many challenges and inspires kids to do the same. With his passion for helping others succeed, Donovan makes an ideal founder for this non-profit and mentor for the next generation of world leaders.

To learn more about Donovan please visit:

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